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Form - Pat Sp. z o.o. was established in 1999. From beginning of its establishment the company has been dealing with consulting, designing, production, sales and service of environmental protection plants and storage systems for industrial and commercial products.
Highly specialized professionals employed in the company create the professional team, which prepares        new technical and logistical developments in the field of environmental protection.
In this field we also cooperate with many specialized European companies - in Italy and Germany (Formeco, LOFT, PANSAN, ROSOMA, ES+S, ProEnteceast, CVH Gruppe, Biothys, Stulz), which exclusive distributors we are on Polish market and in Baltic countries.


We offer the following industry services:


Consulting, Designing, Production, Sales and Service of Environmental Protection Plants:

  • Distiller units for recovery of flammable and non-flammable solvents
  • Waste water purification plants - water evaporators
  • Plants for separation of oil emulsions from water
  • Water processing plants for use in all fields of industry
  • Devices for separation of varnish sludge from water in spray booths
  • Presses for varnish sludge pressing and containers crushing
  • Wash machines for use in all fields of industry


Consulting and sales of coagulating agents (coagulants) for circulation water cleaning in spray booths and separation of oily emulsions from water.


Consulting and sales of chemical agents for metal and plastic surface treatment for use in many fields of industry. 


Complex technologies for sludge treatment

Improvement of biological purification, sediment draying and thermal treatment.


Consulting, Designing, Production and Sales of:

  • Paternoster Automatic rotation of roll for optimal storage of floor coverings and carpets
  • Industrial Paternoster / Automatic rotation of roll for storage of industrial materials


Professional service in all above mentioned fields.

You can get full information about proposed services, devices for environment protection and other devices in our office in Szczecin.


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